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Your Baby My Blood
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there was once a band called andromeda.
they released some music. two eps to be precise.
then they changed their name to "love outside andromeda." oooh.
and they released a self titled album.

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*then keep us updated on your LOA experiences!

from the jjj website:

Love Outside Andromeda
'Love Outside Andromeda'
official website:Australia Shock
Review Date: 03/09/2004

musicians: Jesse Lee, Joe Hammond, Sianna Lee, Jamie Slocombe

Singer Sianna Lee has never had a problem telling us how she feels with her cathartic songwriting. With her dad on drums, her brother Jesse on bass and Jamie Slocombe - a high school friend – on guitar, Andromeda played their first show in 2000. The dad burns out after one show and Joe Hammond – who’s in the audience that night - comes to the rescue. Once they start recording, they achieve airplay pretty quickly. They made the triple j Hottest 100 with just their second release ("Something White & Sigmund"). This year, to avoid confusion with a Swedish metal band, they lengthen their name to Love Outside Andromeda. And with experienced producer Shane O’Mara, they lay down the tracks for their self-titled debut.

her beauty was in unison with the name of her street